Lazyday Theme

Lazyday Theme

Take yourself away to a paradise beach


  • Seductive beach wallpaper


  • Menu icons are very small
  • Odd placement of time and date display

Not bad

If you're not going away on holiday this summer don't worry because you can recreate the feel of being on vacation with the Lazyday Theme.

Alright, so maybe it won't feel exactly like you were on holiday, but the Lazyday Theme might make for a good summery skin for your Windows Mobile Smartphone. The theme adds a tranquil image of a paradise beach to your home screen. The deep blue sky and the crystal clear water really does put you in the summer mood.

The Lazyday Theme removes all the menu items from the home screen to give over the whole display to the wallpaper image. Important items such as Settings, Mail, and Internet Explorer are moved to a tiny icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. They can be scrolled through using the directional buttons on your handset. Unfortunately, the icons are very small, so long-sighted users may struggle somewhat to see the options.

The date and time displays are retained on the home screen, although they look somewhat out of place floating around in the sky. I would have preferred it if the time and date display was themed in some way to match the image, or at least moved away from the middle of the screen.

If you're dreaming of an island getaway, Lazyday Theme will at least take you someway there. Unfortunately, it renders the WM home screen a bit unusable.

Lazyday Theme


Lazyday Theme

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